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curious how converting your existing content into an e-book could work for you?

4 Tips to effectively grow (and scale!) your business

Ever notice that some days “keeping up with traffic” is 5 mph over the speed limit and other days even if you drive 10 mph over the speed limit, people whiz by you?

The point of this scenario isn’t that you should speed up.

The lesson here is:

Don’t try to keep up with everyone else.


Below are 4 reasons why you should work at your own pace.

  1. Be true to yourself.

Work at the pace that is logical for your life and business.  Accept that there will be seasons where you accomplish more than others.  For instance, Moms with school-aged children may get more done than Moms with toddlers.  Embrace the season you are in.  Remember, seasons change.  You will not be in the toddler season forever.

 2. Stop the comparison game.

Sure, ABC Influencer has 100,000 followers and mega engagement on socials.  What you don’t see is where they started….at ZERO, just like everyone else starting something new.  Building a business, social media following, etc., takes time and patience.  Embrace this time of learning, establishing processes, etc.  These things will become the very foundation of your business.  Later on, you will thank yourself for this solid structure.  Scaling your business will depend on overcoming the learning curve and the processes you build now.

3. Remember, social media typically only shows the highlight reels.

 As consumers of content, we won’t usually see the 5 tries it took for someone to get their video right, the untimely deliveries (cue the dog barking), or a child’s meltdown.  (I once recorded a video outside, and the neighborhood stray cat decided to pay me a visit, loudly meowing all the way).  People embrace authenticity. Be comfortably vulnerable.  That will look different for everyone.


4. Want to truly connect with your audience?  SHARE THE STRUGGLE!

Quite honestly, I am weary of seeing photo filter perfection.  It’s an unattainable goal.  Want your content to resonate with your audience?  Share the struggle.  (See point 3 above).  You’ll establish a higher level of trust that runs deeper and you’ll make a lasting impression.


Building relationships takes time.  There’s no way to hack your way around this.  


When I work on an eBook for clients, they often share intimate details about their businesses and/or processes, or share some of their hardest struggles.  That can’t happen without first cultivating a relationship based on trust…and time.


I think we all look for quick wins.  Isn’t that what social media portrays? 


I made 6-figures in 6 months.  Want my blueprint? <<insert gagging sound>>


What isn’t shared is the months leading up to this milestone: the struggles, the mistakes, fear, etc.  Even our Creator took 6 days to create the world around us.


Work at your own pace.  Map out your processes.  Build your network.  Be someone worth trusting.  This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  

If you are ready to scale your business, but don’t have time for more 1:1 clients, I’d love to talk with you about eBooks and how they can be used to effectively, and efficiently, to scale your business.  Click here to schedule.  If you don’t see a time that works for you, please send me an email.


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