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curious how converting your existing content into an e-book could work for you?

Meet Jennie

Wife | Mother |Survivor | Business Owner | Daughter of the King

Growing up, respect, honesty, hard work, and obeying the rules knitted my family together.

Sitting around the dinner table every night was a family tradition, not an option.

We connected through conversation, without the distraction of social media or cell phones. 

Some of my greatest memories were from around the kitchen table, listening to my parents tell stories of their own childhoods. Our house may not have been fancy, but we were comfortable and loved. 

This foundation of faith and family has stayed with me throughout my life, and helped me stay strong no matter what happened in life.

Ambitious and Determined.

Whether is was winning trophies on the high school debate team, working to save for college, or striving to be on the Dean’s list, I’ve always been determined to do whatever I can to do my best.  

When my two daughters were born at 24 and 25 weeks, fighting for their lives, I learned to use that determination to fight the good fight of faith. Thank God He performed a miracle in both of their lives, and now they’re beautiful young women and fighters just like their momma.

When I began to struggle from a debilitating illness in 2010,  I realized God was shaping me to become an even stronger warrior. Even though I had to undergo traumatic brain surgery, it was just more proof of how BIG our God is.

But I knew God had more in store for me.

I was led to use my background in pharmaceutical research and my passion and talent for writing to help business owners tell their own stories.

Now I help business owners discover their unique storytelling and skill-sharing talents,  so they attract the right clients with high value, low information eBooks.

By focusing YOUR stories, YOUR skills, I can help entrepreneurs and business owners create stunning, well-written eBooks, that will launch you to the leaderboard in your niche.  Yes, even the, “But, I’m not a writer” crowd.

I know this life is filled with adversity. But we serve a BIG God. He’s taught me again and again in this life that it’s not a matter of what you’ve been given, but how you choose to steward it that makes the difference. 

Let’s Work Together