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Data 101


I know a number of my fellow women business owners can be intimidated by the words “data analytics”. 


“It’s complicated.”


“I don’t understand what the numbers mean?”


“I don’t know how to use the numbers to make any meaningful changes to my business.”


“Data doesn’t lie.  But, I’m scared to know.”




I’ll let you in on something…I LOVE DATA.


I love that data can transform the way you run your business.  Make decisions, not just guesses, as to what is going to work.


That dream you have?  You can build it with data.  I’ll show you how.


But let’s start with the basics: What is Data?


Simply put: Data is information.  It can be numbers, demographics, financials, customer information, assessments of marketing campaigns, and much more.


That’s it. 


–> It doesn’t have to be complicated. 


It’s just information.



Data Analytics is reviewing that information and drawing conclusions.  You could review your customer information and determine that the bulk of your clients are in a service-based business.  If you collect more information, you could even determine specific services or their niches.


You could also determine that your Facebook fans are mainly women, aged 25-55 and are based in the US.


Maybe you’re thinking, “Now what?  I have this information, what do I do with it?”


From this information you can create an action plan.


For example, you are running Facebook Ads, and your targeting includes women between 35-55.  But in the example above, you realize that you are connecting with the 25-55 age group.


What do you do?


You have 2 options.


  1. Rethink your ideal client avatar. It may be time to expand your targeting in your Facebook Ads to include this broader age range.




  1. Dig into some market research. Look closely at differences between the 25-34 age group and the 35-55.  Use these differences to really hone in on your 35-55 age group.  It could be word choices, maybe some hobbies, or interests. 


** Actually, there’s a 3rd option.  You could test out the age ranges, methodically, along with some other targeting, so you can identify the best option.  (But that’s a lesson for another day).


  • Data is USEFUL.
  • Data is IMPORTANT.
  • Data is NECESSARY.


Without being #DataGuided, you’re just guessing.  And that’s no way to build and run a business.


I would love to help you see how data can help you grow your presence on social media, increase engagement, and get more clients!


Or, maybe you are ready to scale your business and you’d like to run some ads.  I can help you hone in on ideal targeting and methodically test your ads/copy/audiences to ensure we have hit that marketing “sweet spot”.


Book a call with me and we can get started right away!


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