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Overcoming Pain to Pursue Your Passion

I know the feelings of fear, of struggling, and fighting failure.  You see, 5 years ago, I began a fight that had the power to completely change my life.  From debilitating headaches and neck pain, to neurological struggles–tripping, falling, choking–even breathing issues.  Even the most highly skilled physicians in my area missed it. 

I researched.  I discovered Facebook groups.  Because of these 2 actions, I found a handful of doctors that provided a proper diagnosis, Chiari Malformation (herniation of the cerebellar tonsils) and craniocervical instability (think of trying to balance a pumpkin on a toothpick, or the skull balancing on the spinal column in this case).

I opted for a lengthy surgery to help alleviate/resolve some of these issues.  Recovery was long.

I took a medical leave from a job I adored, I worked in clinical data in pharmaceutical research trials.  Several surgeries and many months later, they could no longer hold my job.

During the last few years, I decided I needed to create my own opportunity.  I began researching entrepreneurship.  I have, essentially, made my own new beginning.  While losing my job was so hard on many levels, my desire to use my skills to help others began to grow.

My passion for research and data has become the very foundation of my vision.  As I continued my research, I discovered data guided marketing and business.

By using platform specific analytics, and market research, businesses can craft a laser sharp message.  Then, based on more analytics during that campaign and after, businesses can further refine that message!

I can confidently tell you:

– Losing control of your body, your career is scary.

– Moving forward with brain and spine surgery was scary, but doing nothing wasn’t an option.

– Moving forward with a new business idea was also scary, but again, doing nothing wasn’t an option.

– Not moving forward in an attempt to make my life, the life of my family, better, was unacceptable.

– Having the right people guide me, the right information to narrow down my scope has been paramount to overcoming, personally and professionally.

– Fear is powerful.  Fear of failure can be crippling. 

But forging on is exhilarating. Scary. WORTH IT.

Can I help YOU overcome something today? Professional. Personal. Let’s chat.  Sign up for a free discovery call to learn how to harness the power of data for your business.  Want to learn more about the services I provide? Visit me here.

The path to overcoming might be hard.  Or painful.  Or slow.  But it CAN be done.

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Social Media Manager, Harness The Power Of Data, Data Analytics


Glazer, Robert. What Drives Us in Life and Business Often Comes from Pain.  

Retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-drives-you-life-business-often-comes-from-pain-robert-glazer/


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