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curious how converting your existing content into an e-book could work for you?

Is your writing just average?

Let’s create a well-written eBook together and I’ll even show you my top tips for taking your writing from average to awesome!

Discover your topic

write that ebook!

Grow Your Impact

You feel like you're creating content all day, every day.

Podcasts. Emails. Blog posts. Videos. Stories. You name it, you're doing it.

But something is missing. 

Let’s face it.  The world consumes content quickly.  If it isn’t easily accessible, your next high-ticket client will keep scrolling until the information they need is right in front of them.

You know where you want to end up but you’re pretty much just hoping that you’re on the right path.

And while your posts might be landing you some clients, you know that you could have a much greater impact if you could only connect with more people. 

Without spending any more time creating content than you already do.  What’s a business owner to do?

Let's create One Cohesive Strategy for All of your content

Based on the story your data is telling, what your ideal clients want, not what the gurus are claiming

Your Podcast

Your Blog

Your Videos (and more!)

Ready to actually spend less time on social media?

Then let's make the most of your content

Let’s create an eBook together that actually works and is based on your audience’s wants and needs, your personality, your offers, and your expertise.

Your data tells us about your audience, which is why I’ll start there. After I analyze the data from your social media, emails, podcast, and website, we’ll jump in and create an eBook plan that connects what your audience wants with what you’re offering, and ultimately leaves them craving more!

Once you’ve selected your topic, we will pull the most popular posts, videos, podcast episodes, etc., and use these to create the very core of your book.

Once this is drafted, I’ll enter my zone of genius and edit and add finesse to your words.  I preserve your words.  Your tone.  Your voice.  The point of ghostwriting for clients? THEIR clients don’t even know I’m in the background.

While I’m working, you’ll continue to generate leads, create content, and build buzz for your eBook launch!  You’ll have a mass of raving fans coming to YOU, not the other way around.

The beauty of my process? We can move from idea to implementation in as little as 7 days!

Book a session so we can get started ASAP!

How it works

Analyze Your Data

Do you know if your content is really resonating with your audience? I'll dig into your business' data to discover the real story.

Create a Strategy

Together, we will create a robust, cohesive strategy to effectively utilize existing content to create a stunning, high value eBook that your audience craves.

Grow your Reach

My clients are seeing increases in organic reach and growth, as well as more sign ups for both their free and paid offers!