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the allure of alliteration


Think back…grade school…tongue-twisters.

Talk about the epitome of alliteration!

Do you remember any?

“She sells seashells by the seashore”.




“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”.


Do you remember any?  <<link to share them>>

We’re all grown up now, but the allure of alliteration (see what I did there?) remains strong.  We see those repeated letters in:

  • Business Names
  • Blog Titles
  • Book Titles
  • Ads

Why does it become part of a business strategy or naming convention?  Why is it important?  Let’s take a look at alliteration as part of a business strategy.

Alliteration is strong in popular blog names:

Business Names:

Why is alliteration an important strategy/naming convention?

  1.  Create Memory

Noise and chaos fill the online world.  We need to be remembered, to stop the scroll.  Alliteration does that.  Those repeated letters are much easier to remember than a random business name.  The marketplace is crowded, and yes, there is room for everyone.  BUT, wouldn’t it be much better if your business came to mind FIRST???  The repetition doesn’t necessarily have to be in the business name, it could also be in a catchy tagline.

        2.  Emphasize

What better way to emphasize something than to repeat letters within an important piece of information.  For instance, my business is The Digital Doctor.  I work to help you create digital products from existing content.  

       3.  Be Creative and Fun

Alliteration, when used appropriately, is creative and fun.  We want to engage our audience, from business name to content to sale.  One way to do that is to ensure the interaction really speaks to your audience.  In most cases, a little bit of humor can create bonds that otherwise wouldn’t have formed.  Hello to the “know, like and trust” factor.  (Ensure that your usage of humor is appropriate for the target audience and specific message.  Used inappropriately, the humor can appear to be tone deaf or leaving some unintended feelings and lackluster memories of your business.  Use your judgment).

       4.  Use in Moderation

Now, while using alliteration can be a superb way to connect with your audience, overuse can be distracting, and in some instances, seem juvenile.  Overuse could make you memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Again, sound judgment is key.  Don’t be afraid to run phrases, titles, etc., through some colleagues and get their thoughts.

Using tricks like alliteration can bring your business writing to another level.  Most importantly, when done well, it will stop the scroll and help your potential clients remember you FIRST. 

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