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Top 10 Businesses Using Data Analytics

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

What do the following companies all have in common?

– Amazon

– General Electric

– Netflix

– T-Mobile

– Starbucks

Each of these entities uses the data they collect to grow and scale their businesses.

You might be thinking, “These are multimillion-dollar businesses that can pay to have a group dedicated to data analytics”.


Know what? You’re right.


BUT, big data can still be big business even for small businesses.


Got a website? Install Google Analytics and aside from demographics, you can learn what sent visitors to your site, bounce rate, click-through rate, interests and more.


Posting on social media? Platform specific analytics help you to learn who is engaging with your content, who your content is reaching, their interests. If you’re advertising on social media, the depth of your analytics just expanded.


Read more about the top 10 companies using data analytics here.  Set up a Discovery Call so I can show you how to start using basic analytics today!


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